10th International Sustainable Solid Waste Management event in Chania

June 27, 2023

Dr. Dimitris Malamis, representing NTUA, showcased the LIFE CIRCforBIO project at the 10th International Sustainable Solid Waste Management event in Chania, held from June 21st to June 24th, 2023.

The main objective of the LIFE CIRCforBIO project is to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of this biorefinery system in terms of biomass conversion and the production of valuable products. This can contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy.

During the presentation, Dr. Dimitris Malamis likely discussed the key aspects of the LIFE CIRCforBIO biorefinery system, including the conversion technologies employed, the types of biomass feedstock used, and the range of value-added products generated. These products might include biofuels, biochemicals, biomaterials, or other high-value compounds.

By converting biomass into valuable products, the LIFE CIRCforBIO project aims to reduce the reliance on fossil resources, minimize waste generation, and promote the efficient use of renewable biomass. This aligns with the principles of sustainable solid waste management and contributes to the overall goal of achieving a more sustainable and circular approach to resource management.