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The overall aim of the CIRCforBIO project proposal is to achieve high GHG emission savings from the substitution of fossil fuels with advanced biofuels as well as to promote the realization of the circular economy concept for biomass. This will be achieved through (i) the implementation and demonstration of an innovative biorefinery concept for the production of bioethanol, used oil (raw material for biodiesel) and other bioproducts from biomass produced from household, catering (restaurants, cafeterias and bakeries) and industrial food waste and from agricultural residues and (ii) the creation of an interactive platform for facilitating the realisation of the circular economy concept for 2nd generation biomass in Greece. The project individual objectives are to:

  • - achieve energy autonomy
  • - achieve high performance of fuel ethanol mixes in motor engines
  • - achieve high quality ethanol, used oil and digestate suitable for use
  • - boost biogas production with the removal of volatile fatty acids and to investigate the potential for their conversion to bioplastics
  • - foster employment growth and to increase capacity building in relevant technologies for increased competitiveness
  • - promote public awareness on climate change mitigation, circular economy concepts and on 2nd generation ethanol
  • - promote the acceptance of biobased products from waste and residues
  • - promote the wider adoption and replication of the proposed methodology to other entities and geographical areas
  • - transfer and replicate the proposed concept in the Region of Central Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Cyprus
  • - develop a transfer and replication strategy
  • - mobilize wide market uptake and replication of the project solutions
  • - contribute to the implementation of the Union policy and legislation on the promotion of the advanced biofuels, circular economy and on sustainable waste management.
  • - improve the knowledge base for the development, assessment, monitoring, evaluation and implementation of the proposed biorefinery concept
  • - operate, test and optimize the biorefinery system in order to minimize energy and raw material consumption and maximize yield
  • - monitor real-time Key Performance Indicators
  • - demonstrate the sustainability of the proposed concept
  • - assess the viability, cost and benefits of the proposed system
  • - define business requirements and critical success factors that must be met
  • - map the available biomass in Greece and to define the optimal supply chain