The CIRCforBIO Platform!

July 18, 2023

CIRC4BIO platform is foreseen within the frame of LIFE CIRCforBIO project which aims to the substitution of fossil fuels from advanced biofuels and the biomass utilization through the implementation of a biorefinery system that will produce bioethanol, used oil and other bioproducts.

CIRC4BIO platform aims to facilitate the characterization of the circular economy concept for 2nd generation (2G) biomass in Greece by interlinking the different stakeholders of the whole added value supply chain of biomass with each other, namely the biomass suppliers, the biomass treatment plant owners, and the biomass related technology or service providers.

Utilizing the CIRC4BIO platform opens up avenues for you to showcase your offerings to a targeted audience. This online marketplace brings together buyers and sellers, creating a thriving ecosystem that supports the growth and adoption of circular economy principles for biomass in Greece and beyond.

Check the platform at: